29 octobre 2009

finally... the choice has been made !

We have our 12 artists !! We will be happy to introduce them to you... Stay online... you will discover their portraits and their skills !
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21 octobre 2009

selection is really hard...

Yesterday, the meeting's members carefully examined all the applications. Unfortunately we had 20 applications and we can only keep 12 artists... The decision is really difficult, we still have to check many points. We will let you know on Friday ! so be patient ! thank you
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19 octobre 2009

time is up...

Yesterday was the last day to send your application... We receive many applications and tomorrow, Tuesday October 20th, the meeting will decide who will be part of the adventure ! We look forward to introducing you the successful applicants for our Holiday Craft Fair...
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13 octobre 2009

piqûre de rappel... deadline

La nouvelle édition de l'Atelier des Anysés se prépare... elle se tiendra : The third edition of l'Atelier des anysés is around the corner!... it will be held : Friday, November 20th and Saturday, November 21st in Harlem. Il ne reste que jusqu'au 18 octobre 2009 pour envoyer vos dossiers de candidature pour exposer... You have until October 18th 2009 to send your application to be part of the adventure and present your craftwork...
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12 octobre 2009

on organise !

Cette année les organisatrices de la session ont tenu à se présenter... This year the organizers are introducing themselves... Emily Cassignac from "il fait si beau"... The supervisor : Pauline Galiana, Graphisme en chef ! / Graphic design : Katia Lambey from "Ose", Media relations : Delphine Pins from "elfydesign", blogger / blogueuse & communication : avec l'aide de / with the help of Sylvie Guieyesse, from "Sylvie-pillows" :   & Claire Ortoli...
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